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Most legendary meme around Durov is making a comeback: "Durov, Back Wall!"

The redesign in 2010 caused panic among all users of the VKontakte social network . To begin with, it is necessary to explain what the old "VKontakte" wall was.

It was a non-anonymous imageboard for friends, where you could leave various posts - mostly graffiti and holiday greetings. After the update and the replacement of Wall with Microblogs, users of the social network began to demand the return of the Wall and the cancellation of this update. People created separate communities, shot videos, wrote petitions and appeals to Durov. In August 2010, Durov conducted a poll, according to the results of which about 70% of respondents were against the microblog. After that, Durov brought back the Wall for a while, but in 2011 the Wall was removed for ever...

But now old and favorite Wall is live again! Create creativity with WALL Bot, save it, share it with your friends, get $WALL tokens and participate in giveaways! Let's remember how it was and remind Pavel Durov that the community still remembers and wants BACK WALL!


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Go to TonRaffles, or on the browser inside your TonKeeper app. Connect your wallet. When Tonkeeper prompts you for a wallet signature, sign.


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🪧 We returned the wall.
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